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Business Use Certificate of Occupancy

The Business Use Certificate of Occupancy (BUCO) program requires every new business in New Hope to register with the city and arrange for an inspection of their facility before it opens for business. This inspection will ensure that the new business’s building is safe, appropriately equipped, and meets building and fire code requirements for the type of operation planned.

In the past, many new businesses moved into New Hope without the knowledge of city staff. New business owners sometimes did not have a complete understanding of all of the fire safety and building code requirements that applied to their type of business in New Hope and, consequently, failed to comply with some of those requirements. Now, new businesses will be able to avoid potential fire safety and building code problems by registering with the city through the BUCO program and working with New Hope building inspectors and West Metro Fire-Rescue District fire inspectors to resolve any code issues before opening for business.

By proactively addressing building code and fire hazards, the BUCO program will help to ensure the safety of employees of local businesses and the surrounding community and protect the investment of commercial and industrial property owners.

The process begins when a new business completes an application that provides the city with basic information about its proposed operation. The $25 fee, which accompanies the application, helps to pay for the program. After reviewing the application, city inspectors advise the new business owner of building code and safety requirements they must comply with. Once a new business owner believes they are in compliance with all code requirements, he or she schedules an appointment with city and West Metro Fire inspectors.

After the inspections have been completed, a business that has met all city code requirements is issued a Business Use Certificate of Occupancy and is able to begin operation. If the inspection identifies a few minor issues that need to be resolved, the business may open with a temporary BUCO certificate but must make the changes required to be in full compliance within 15 days. If a business needs more than two inspections, there is $50 charge for each additional inspection.
For more information, contact the New Hope Inspection Division at 763-531-5127.


A business license, issued through the city, is required for several types of activities or establishments. Click on the links below to open application packets:

For more information on licensing requirements, visit the Licensing page.

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