Code Enforcement

Administrative Fines Enforcement Program

The city of New Hope Administrative Fines Enforcement Program was adopted in 2009. Administrative enforcement of city ordinances starts when a city inspector writes an Administrative Notice to the property owner where the violation exists. The notice includes information regarding the type of violation, the location of the violation, the correction required and the compliance date for the correction. If the property owner does not correct the violation(s) within seven calendar days (plus an additional three days when notice is delivered by mail), an administrative citation will be issued. The property owner has seven calendar days (plus an additional three days when notice is delivered by mail) to do one of the following:
  1. Pay the scheduled fine and correct the violation(s);
  2. Request an Administrative Hearing;
  3. Have the city citation converted to a Hennepin County citation and proceed through the Hennepin County Court System process.

If the same property and property owner are charged with a subsequent violation within a 12-month period for the same, or substantially similar offense, the fine is increased by 25%. After a third infraction in 12 months, the fine increases by 50%. And after a fourth infraction the fine doubles.

If the city does not receive payment of the fine or a request for an Administrative Hearing within seven days after the citation was issued, the scheduled fine will increase by 10% for each seven-day period the payment is not received. Up to four late fees may be applied to the original citation. If the payment is not received within the four-week time period, the accrued late fees will be added to the original fine. At this time the city will send an invoice for the total amount unpaid. If unpaid, the total bill will be certified to your property taxes and all city licenses will be revoked.

Report a Violation

Property maintenance violations can be reported below or by contacting the Inspections Division at 763-531-5127