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Property Maintenance Reference Guide

The city of New Hope Property Maintenance Reference Guide is intended to summarize minimum maintenance requirements and standards required for premises, structures, equipment, and facilities located within the city. It addresses common violations of city ordinances and frequently asked questions.

Administrative Fines Enforcement Program

The city of New Hope Administrative Fines Enforcement Program was adopted in 2009. Administrative enforcement of city ordinances starts when a city inspector writes an Administrative Notice to the property owner where the violation exists. The notice includes information regarding the type of violation, the location of the violation, the correction required and the compliance date for the correction. If the property owner does not correct the violation(s) within seven calendar days (plus an additional three days when notice is delivered by mail), an administrative citation will be issued. The property owner has seven calendar days (plus an additional three days when notice is delivered by mail) to do one of the following:
  1. Pay the scheduled fine and correct the violation(s);
  2. Request an administrative hearing;
  3. Have the city citation converted to a Hennepin County citation and proceed through the Hennepin County Court System process.

If the same property and property owner are charged with a subsequent violation within a 12-month period for the same, or substantially similar offense, the fine increases to the amount set forth in the city's fee schedule.

If after 30 days the fine has not been paid or a hearing requested, a late fee will be applied, the total bill will be assessed to the property taxes and all city licenses will be revoked. Fees are established by the city’s fee schedule. For continued violations, the city will correct or abate the violation and assess the charges for doing so onto the property taxes and/or criminal charges may be filed.

The city may take action to correct or remove a violation of the City Code, including towing and impounding of motor vehicles or recreational vehicles which are inoperable, unlicensed or parked in violation of the City Code, and removal of other public nuisances such as refuse, construction or landscaping materials, debris, waste and/or any other exterior storage which are in violation of the City Code. Property owners will be notified of violations subject to the abatement procedure with an administrative notice and two administrative citations prior to the city taking any action. If the violation is not corrected within seven (7) days of when the second administrative citation was issued, the city may immediately abate the nuisance. Costs associated with the abatement process will be assessed to the subject property.

Report a Violation

Property maintenance violations can be reported below or by contacting the Inspections Division at 763-531-5127.

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