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Meadow Lake Management Plan

The Meadow Lake Management Plan (MLMP) is a long term water quality improvement project coordinated by the Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission in partnership with the City of New Hope. The project began with a winter drawdown of Meadow Lake, beginning in November 2021. Prior to the drawdown, water quality was measured for the entire year of 2021 to establish accurate base line data. A drawdown allows for mucky lake bottom sediment to be exposed to winter weather, which helps compact the sediment. In addition, a full drawdown typically impacts invasive fish populations, and possibly invasive plants as well. Following the drawdown, the lake naturally filled with snowmelt and precipitation in the spring of 2022. Routine water quality monitoring occurred throughout 2022 to learn how the lake was impacted to the drawdown.

The 2022 monitoring data revealed the drawdown was effective in eliminating the invasive fathead minnow population, and in consolidating the lake bottom sediment. However, the invasive plant curly-leaf pondweed population still was present, and phosphorus levels remain high in the lake. Based on the 2022 monitoring data the next steps in the MLMP have been determined to be an alum treatment in spring 2023 to limit the release of phosphorus from the lake bottom sediments. Additionally an invasive curly-leaf pondweed herbicide treatment is being explored with the DNR, that would also occur in spring 2023.

Watershed engineers will carefully monitor the lake to determine the correct timing, chemical, and dosage prior to any application. The intention of the alum dosage is to "lock-in" the lake bottom sediments that have been compacted by the drawdown, to prevent sediment release over time. As the project moves forward, it is the Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission and the City's goal to thoroughly study Meadow Lake over the next four to six years to ensure that the lake's functions are fully understood prior to any additional drawdown or chemical treatment.

Project Updates:

  • June 26, 2023 - The contractor completed turf restoration work at Meadow Lake Park.
  • May 24, 2023 - The contractor PLM completed a herbicide treatment on the invasive curly-leaf pondweed in Meadow Lake.  The Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission will now monitor the lake this year to gauge the impacts of the recent lake treatments.
  • May 1, 2023 - SOLitude Lake Management will conduct an alum treatment on Meadow Lake between May 15-17. The contractor will be staging the project and accessing the lake in Meadow Lake Park. Residents are asked to keep clear of the project site, and keep pets out of the lake during the treatment dates.
  • March 31, 2023 - The city and SCWMC received a quote for an upcoming alum treatment that would occur in spring 2023.  The city council will consider a resolution awarding the contract for the alum treatment at the April 10, 2023 city council meeting.
  • February 28, 2023 - Monitoring data from 2022 was used to determine that the next steps in the MLMP will consist of an alum treatment in spring 2023. Additionally a curly-leaf pondweed herbicide treatment is being explored with the DNR.  

Project Contact

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission at 763.553.1144 or New Hope's Project Coordinator, Nick Macklem at [email protected] or 763.592.6765.

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