New Resident Information

New Renters or Tenants:

Renters DO NOT transfer the New Hope utility bill into their name per city ordinance. City utility bills MUST remain in the name of the property owner. Renters should not try to set up an online utility account.

Renters can pay a bill online with a customer and account number as a one-time payment.  We currently accept the following forms of payment; credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Paypal, Venmo, electronic check, in person, mail in, bank bill pay, or over the phone (844) 869 3219. More information about rental utility bills can be found on the  Rental Property Utility Bills page. 

See information below for different contacts and webpages for other various utilities.  Please check with your rental agency or the homeowner to determine what your responsibilities are as a renter for other utilities.

New Home or Property Owners:

To request for a transfer of the utility bill into the new home please do one of the following:
  • Call the utility billing department at (763) 592-6760
  • Email the utility billing department at
  • Fill out the form located on the "Transfer Your Water Bill Form" page
You will need to be prepared with the following information:
  • Service address
  • New buyer's name
  • Old owner's name
  • Forwarding address for the final bill
  • Closing date
  • Title-closing company name and phone number
Don't forget to also transfer the other utility bills into the new homeowner's name.