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The Great Shingle Creek Watershed Cleanup Week

The Great Shingle Creek Watershed Cleanup Week
Posted on 04/18/2023

New Hope City Council has proclaimed the week of April 16-22, 2023, as the Great Shingle Creek Watershed Cleanup Week.

Water runoff from the northern half of New Hope is part of the watershed area flowing into Shingle Creek, with New Hope being one of the cities jointly managing the lakes, streams and wetlands in the watershed. The City of New Hope is dedicated to preserving and protecting the water resources in its watersheds and encourages community members to do the same.

Meadow Lake Park Cleanup Event
The City invites community members to join city staff and elected officials for a cleanup event at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3, at Meadow Lake Park, 8400 E Meadow Lake Rd. Besides general cleanup, volunteers will help with landscaping and plant a tree in the park in honor of Arbor Day. Volunteers are encouraged to wear gloves and boots.

Take Action to Help Protect Watersheds
Community members can also help protect the City’s watersheds through the following actions:

  • Keep streets clear of leaves and grass clippings. Never blow yard waste into the street or gutter; clean up accidental clippings. Clippings are carried from streets into lakes and streams, and the nutrients they contain are destructive.
  • Clean up the doo-doo. Always clean up pet waste. Beyond the potential to make people, pets and wildlife sick, the bacteria in pet waste washed into the water when it rains. Pet waste also causes harmful algae blooms.
  • Properly dispose of hazardous materials. Never use storm drains to dispose of harmful materials. Never flush hazardous waste or pour it down the drain, onto the ground or into storm sewers. Doing so contaminates the soil and groundwater. Hazardous waste includes motor oil, pesticides, paint, household cleaners, medication, etc. The Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility in Brooklyn Park accepts many hazardous waste items for disposal. Call 612.348.3777 for details, hours and directions.
  • Use lawn and garden chemicals carefully. When possible, limit the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Many contain harmful chemicals that easily travel through the soil, contaminating stormwater. When using lawn and garden chemicals of any kind, always follow the directions on the product label. Misusing pesticides/herbicides may cause environmental harm, and their use is often unnecessary. Consider environmentally healthy options and adjust your tolerance to a fair number of weeds in your yard when possible.
  • Adopt a storm drain. Storm drains easily carry leaves, grass clippings and litter into the nearest water body. It clogs stormwater infrastructure, contributing to street flooding and water pollution. It also harms wildlife. Residents can adopt a storm drain in their neighborhood and volunteer 15 minutes twice a month to help keep waterways clean. Learn more at

Learn more about the Shingle Creek Watershed at

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