New Hope Police Reserves

New Hope Police Reserves
Posted on 08/06/2019
New Hope Police Reserves are an all-volunteer unit dedicated to the safety and well-being of New Hope residents. They fill essential roles in both police operations and crime prevention related activities. Working weekend evenings, they assist sworn patrol officers on calls for service, parking enforcement, animal calls, and medical emergencies. In addition to patrol shifts and call-outs, Reserves also assist at New Hope events such as City Day, Safety Camp, and National Night Out. New Hope Police Reserves also receive requests to assist neighboring reserve units at their city events.

Police Reserve Officers are non-sworn volunteers who assist the police department in a variety of functions within the limitations set forth by state statutes, city ordinances, and department rules and regulations. Unlike sworn peace officers, Reserve Officers are not licensed by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (MN POST) to enforce the criminal laws of the state of Minnesota and are not compensated for their time. Reserve Officers wear uniforms that are slightly different than the licensed police officers and are not allowed to carry fire arms. The Police Reserve unit provides a variety of services such as patrolling the community, assisting at community functions, and responding to natural disasters and other emergencies.

To become a Reserve Officer, it is not necessary to have a background in law enforcement or any type of related training. Police Reserve Officers come from all walks of life. Some are pursuing careers in professional law enforcement, while others are just citizens wanting to give back to their community. While the men and women who serve as reservists come from a wide variety of backgrounds, they share a common desire to serve the public doing one of the most challenging and dangerous volunteer jobs in America. 

All New Hope Reserve Officers must complete a 10-week course in Reserve training put on by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office. If you have questions or are interested in applying to be a New Hope Reserve Officer, please contact Sgt. Chris Swaja ( or Reserve Capt. Todd Hesemann ( by email, or at 763-531-5170.

If you feel ready to apply, download and fill out the application. The deadline to apply is Aug. 23.