Get to Know Sunnyside Park

Sunnyside ParkSunnyside ParkSunnyside ParkSunnyside ParkSunnyside ParkSunnyside ParkSunnyside Park
Get to Know Sunnyside Park
Posted on 06/21/2019
It’s new, it’s happening, it’s Sunnyside Park! Located on 47th and Quebec, it offers the only disc golf course in the city.

Well, okay, Sunnyside Park isn’t really new, but some of it is. Last year the city replaced the 25-year-old playground equipment with an all-new set. This give it a much needed revamp, plus it added umbrellas, benches and picnic tables.

But that’s just a small portion of the park. Taking up most of its space is a 9-hole disc golf course. It’s a relatively simple one, great for beginners and good practice for the more experienced disc throwers.

Along with the playground and disc golf course, Sunnyside Park also offers a well maintained ballfield and a basketball court that was repaved and given all-new hoops just last year with the revamping of the rest of the park.

Stop by sometime, spend an afternoon with the family, maybe play a round of Frolf (that’s the short form of ‘Frisbee Golf’, for all the laymen out there). But be careful about the pond on hole 5, throw a little too close to the water and you might lose a disc.