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Flushing Wipes Clogs Pipes

Flushing Wipes Clogs Pipes
Posted on 12/17/2022
Disposable wipes have been causing problems in communities across the metro, and New Hope is no different. Wipes, used for changing diapers, personal hygiene, housecleaning and more, cause significant problems when flushed down toilets.

Though many of these products are labeled “flushable” or “septic safe,” they are anything but. The same goes for facial tissues, baby wipes, paper towels and other products. Because they don’t break down the way toilet paper does, disposable wipes clog homeowner and municipal sewer pipes, put stress on community wastewater collection and treatment equipment and cause cities to spend thousands of dollars on premature equipment repair and replacement. Wipes snag on any imperfection in sewer pipes, catch passing debris and grease and create a “ball” that will grow to plug the line. They also get drawn into sewer-line and wastewater treatment plant pumps and clog and damage them, which results in costly repairs.

Protect your pipes and New Hope’s infrastructure by only disposing of wipes in the trash.

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