2021 Crack Repair and Seal Coat Project

2021 Crack Repair and Seal Coat Project
Posted on 07/06/2021
At its meeting of June 28, New Hope City Council awarded the 2021 Crack Repair and Seal Coat Project contract to Allied Blacktop Company in the amount of $137,563.87.

The project scope includes crack repair, seal coat and fog seal of the neighborhood surrounding Civic Center Park including Zealand Avenue near Cooper High School, the south Meadow Lake neighborhood, the Hidden Valley Park parking lot, and the industrial and business park area to the east of State Highway 169 Service Drive between 50th and 52nd avenues. Additional crack repair work will be performed on portions of Winnetka and Gettysburg avenues north of Bass Lake Road. Work also includes repair of the failing joints on Boone Avenue between 49th and 42nd avenues.

The project areas for 2021 were selected based upon New Hope’s pavement management plan and current street conditions. The plan identifies and prioritizes street maintenance activities to maximize the return on each dollar invested in maintenance. The city’s current pavement management plan has all reconstructed roads being crack filled approximately every three years and seal coated and fog sealed every six to eight years. This process keeps moisture out of the roadbed and keeps the roadway in a smooth, drivable condition for a longer period. In addition to maintenance on fully reconstructed roads, this process is used on city streets to help extend pavement life until funds are available for a full pavement removal or reconstruction project

Project work is scheduled to be completed between July and September. Additional information can be found by visiting newhopemn.gov/2021seal.